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"Bay Home Care Services provided my wife and I with outstanding services and we heartily recommend them. We needed help with light  chores, driving my wife to medical appointments and shopping for groceries. Our caregiver was more than a caregiver -- always on time, flexible for doctors  appointments, fun to be around, and very supportive with everything required.

From the time we called everyone was prompt, professional, and backed up their commitments with excellence. We are very satisfied with Bay Home Care  Services."

- Scott

"A new client, and very satisfied with Jane and Diana. I am recovering from a broken ankle so need help with getting around my home. Bay Home Care makes coverage easy and thorough. Highly recommend this service."

- Bill

"My family needed help ASAP when my mother was released from the hospital. We tried a few places, but Bay Home Care was able to get somebody to the house on a temporary basis almost immediately while they arranged for someone long term. We've been very happy with the care and help they provide for my mom. They're not only good company, but are able to be very persistent to make sure she does her exercises. They've been very responsive to scheduling changes, even on relatively short notice, and have never been late."

- Joren

"We found a caregiver through Bay Home Care Services who's been working with my dad for about two month now. Overall, we're very happy with the individual who's caring for my dad. She's been very caring, very professional, very punctual and also very flexible in the event that we have a change in schedule or something like that. The individual who helped us coordinate and get the caretaker in place has also been great; very understanding, very supportive, very professional and very timely in terms of feedback and response. I would say in general, we're very pleased."

- DC

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