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Non Medical Home Care Services

We hope to build a strong and long lasting relationship with you, and we work very hard to make sure our clients feel comfortable and loved. We believe that at any age, especially for seniors, having individual independence is important. Seniors may sometimes feel that they have lost a bit of their freedoms such as traveling alone, driving, etc. However, with the help of one of our trained and experienced caregivers, seniors can safely and with confidence, continue to enjoy their every day activities. As a nonmedical home care provider, Bay Home Care Services gives families a break. Bay Home Care Services has designed senior care services to help older adults, from the comfort of their own home.


Why Non Medical Care?

Family members who are not regularly with their loved ones can feel fearful, uncertain, or anxious about having their elders age at home. Bay Home Care Services nonmedical home care strives to give family members the peace of mind they deserve. We believe that family members need to have the peace of mind that their senior is in the best hands. Providing not only personal but trustworthy care is important to us. We understand the importance of care and we work with families to make sure our services are affordable.


Bay Home Care Services Nonmedical Care Services Include:

  • Companionship and Socialization

  • Exercising

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Bathing and Dressing

  • Meal Preparation and Planning

  • Transportation

  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care:

How do you find a caregiver that is right for my senior?

After contacting us, Bay Home Care Services will start a personal assessment for the specific needs of your loved ones. We offer a free in home consultation where we discuss a customized plan and the services that work best for the needs of your elder. Based on the plan and preferences of your senior, we select a caregiver from our team that is the best match for your loved one.


Do you support care for seniors who do not need much assistance?

That is not a problem for us since our care is designed to be flexible . We support hourly care, allowing your loved ones to receive care based on the number of hours or even days of the week. Bay Home Care Services ensures that the care received is personalized and flexible for each adult and elderly.

Do you provide care for seniors with Alzheimer's and Dementia?

Yes we do. We believe that providing care to seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia is important and our dedicated team is here to provide support. We will work to meet the needs of your loved ones and provide care from the comfort of their own home.


When can in home care start?

After you contact us, we schedule a free in home consultation. Once you are satisfied with the plan, we immediately start the search for a caregiver that will be the best match for your loved one. We are determined to find a caregiver within days after the in home consultation takes place with you and your loved one. We understand the importance of care and work with our clients for time sensitive situations. Call us and together, we will find the right care for your senior.


How Do I Get Started?

We at Bay Home Care Services are compassionate and experienced at providing senior care and know how to help. To learn more about nonmedical home care, call us at (408) 766-9194.

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