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3 Steps to Start Senior In Home Care

Senior in home consultation with bay home care services

As we get older, our day-to-day activities become slightly more difficult and require a helping hand more often than not. Caring for a family member, especially one who had a medical condition or is older, is important. We love being cared for by the ones we love and providing a helping hand to those that we do love. However, sometimes we have other responsibilities that make it difficult to provide a helping hand whenever our loved one’s need us. This is where in-home care helps families who need the additional help to care for their loved ones. Don’t wait for a serious situation to occur before looking into home care. 

How can you start home care for a senior?

There are 3 easy steps that you can take to start senior in home care for your loved one. 

1. Give us a call

At Bay Home Care Services, we strive to help families obtain the care their loved one’s need and deserve. We do this by offering a free in-home consultation, to assess your loved one’s situation and needs. To schedule a free in-home consultation, call us at 408-766-9194

2. Take part in the free in-home consultation

After making the call, Bay Home Care Services will perform an in-home consultation. During this time, you will learn about Bay Home Care Services and the type of care we provide and how we can tailor to your loved one’s needs such as timing of care, specific needs related to meal prep, transportation, etc. This process will help us learn more about your loved to find a caregiver that is the best match. We believe in order to provide a great in-home care service experience for your loved one, we will need to find a caregiver that matches the personality and needs caregiver that  The great thing about our consultations is there is no obligation or fees. Furthermore, you can ask any questions or concerns you may have. 

3. Sign the contract and be ready to meet your caregiver. 

After signing the required agreements, a caregiver will be scheduled to your loved one’s home with a tailored care plan. 

Bay Home Care Services strives to help families and we try to make this process as easy as possible. Start today to help your loved one’s get the care they need. 


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