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4 Signs It's Time to Hire a Caregiver

Recognizing the signs to hire a caregiver is crucial to ensure that your loved ones feel safe and happy. Family members often play the role of a caregiver for their aging loved ones. As the demand of care increases over time, the caregiver can feel stressed out and even overwhelmed, potentially causing their mental and/or physical health to decline. Fortunately for you, Bay Home Care Services has in-home caregivers that are ready to help you and your loved ones. Below are the four signs that it's time to hire an in-home caregiver.

Decline in Personal Hygiene

If you've noticed your loved one's hygiene declining, this could be an early indicator that they need extra assistance with personal care. Examples can include wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row, not showering daily, or not brushing their teeth. These sorts of tasks that cannot be completed by your loves ones indicate it's time to hire a caregiver.

Help with Daily Tasks

If you notice yourself helping your loved one's with various tasks at their homes, it might be time to get a helping hand. Some signs include laundry piling up, expired foods in the fridge, or the home looking messier than usual. All of these can be a result of old age that either makes one forgetful or physically unable to tend to some of the every day household chores.

Forgetting to Take Medication or Needing Assistance with Doctor’s Appointments

Health is the most important thing in our lives. It's common for the elderly to need to visit the doctor's office more frequently compared to younger adults. Furthermore, driving becomes harder and sometimes is not an option for our loved ones. This means that our loved ones truly need us to get them to their doctor's appointments. However, there may be times where our other responsibilities get in the way of helping our loved ones get to their appointments.

Another sign to look out for is if your senior forgets to take their medication. In either case, hiring an in-home caregiver will help your loved ones get the proper care they need while putting your mind at ease.


As we get older, it's natural to participate in less and less activities than we did before. This can lead to more isolation, which can have a harmful effect on both our physical and mental health. With a caregiver, they can help your loved ones with companionship. Our caregivers will converse with your loved ones, help prepare meals, go on walks, help run errands, and more.

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