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How to Help Seniors Deal with Loneliness

Caregiver providing companionship to senior

More than 50 percent of U.S. seniors (aged 65 and older) reported felling lonely and according to the CDC, this can lead to health risks such as dementia and premature death [1]. Additionally, loneliness can increase risk for depression, anxiety and other mental health complications.

As we become older, our family members and friends have to attend to other responsibilities, leaving us more lonely than before. Sometimes, it's a lack of a social opportunities that increases the loneliness for seniors. Loneliness can also be attributed in the scenario where a senior has experienced the loss of a loved one. No matter the case, there are a few ways seniors can feel less lonely.

So how can seniors feel less lonely?

  1. Increasing time spent with friends and family

  2. Owning a pet

  3. Participating in a hobby

How can Bay Home Care Services help seniors feel less lonely?

Our caregivers are Bay Home Care Services not only help seniors with their day-to-day activities, but also provide companionship services to those that need it the most. We believe in helping seniors with loneliness. Contact us today by calling us at 408-766-9194.



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